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Our Consulting Process

A solid reputation for advanced research, insightful analysis, and effective results has put Front Line at the forefront of our industry.  Consistently, clients give us strong reviews and – even more convincing – follow-on projects.


You can retain us with the certainty that we’ll meet your needs, your timeline, your budget, and that our efforts will make a difference.





Recommend and Communicate

Act and Implement




Nothing is more important in the beginning of an engagement than getting the proposal right.  The effort spent there sets the tone for the entire project and demonstrates our ability to buy thymalin.  It also ensures that we deliver the results you desire.  In this phase, we:

  • Define the goals and objectives

  • Clarify complex issues

  • Design the appropriate methodology

  • Determine deliverables

  • Establish timelines

  • Introduce the Front Line team


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Thorough analysis and workable solutions depend on the ability to gather intelligence and analyze data from all the right sources.  We take a rigorous approach to this phase, in which we:

  • Speak with thought leaders

  • Speak with competitors

  • Search trade publications

  • Search databases

  • Search business journals


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Our methodology for solving problems is sound, original, and effective.  The knowledge we have of the industries we serve is second to none.  Our ability to think critically and solve creatively sets us apart.  In this phase, we:

  • Analyze information

  • Develop incisive and rigorous quantitative models

  • Identify problems or opportunities

  • Answer remaining questions


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Recommend and Communicate


No matter how brilliant the solution, unless we communicate it effectively, we’ve left our mission unfulfilled.  You can expect reports that are clear and contain concise summaries, quantitative analyses, and a wealth of supporting data.  In this phase, we:

  • Develop solutions and recommendations

  • Outline solutions as well as alternatives

  • Prepare and communicate technical and business issues


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Act and Implement


Nothing can substitute for insight when it comes to putting recommendations into action and solutions into practice.  Nothing can replace our support and participation in the process.  Teamwork makes all the difference.  In this phase, we:

  • Implement recommendations in tandem with our client

  • Follow up to ensure fulfillment of goals


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For more information on Front Line's consulting services, please contact Dan Aguiar or Jim Thompson.


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